Frequently Asked Questions

Are gourds edible?

While the gourds are not poisonous, they are not edible in the truest sense of the word.   There would be no nutritional value and the amount of energy expended to break them down into anything remotely palatable wouldn’t be worth the effort

Are carving variety pumpkins edible?

Absolutely, the 4735 pumpkins are edible and can be cooked.  Although, I much prefer our Wee Bee Littles and Tricksters for baking.  Here’s another tip, butternut squash is also a great one to use for pumpkin recipes.

Where are Perry & Sons watermelons grown?

Perry and Sons has increased production not only through expansion in farming, but also by becoming one of the largest shippers and handlers of watermelons throughout California.  Perry and Sons buys watermelons from local growers to supplement the farm in order to fulfill the increasing demand from customers.  The company also continues to build relationships with growers and shippers from Mexico to Central California.  This enables the company to supply watermelons 365 days a year to their customers.

There is a constant commitment to quality whether the watermelons are grown on Perry and Sons farms or by growers Perry and Sons works closely with.

Are Perry & Sons watermelons, pumpkins and squash organic?

“While we are not currently certified organic, it is something we’re looking into. You can rest assured that all of Perry & Sons fruits and vegetables meet the strictest USDA standards.

Interested in reading more about those standards and the “safety” of eating watermelons, pumpkins and squash? Here are 2 web sites that are very informative from both sides of the political spectrum:

“Pesticide Residue Calculator”

“The Clean Fifteen”

Do Perry & Sons donate watermelons, pumpkins or squash?

Perry and Sons is committed to non-profits, schools and events all over the country.  We plan our donations a year in advance and do consider new projects January through March.  Application is not a guarantee of donation. Please submit your request and provide the following information:

The complete name, address of your non-profit and 501 C3 number
Board Member names
Number of members of your Club
Age group of membership
Mission and Goal of Club

Donation request use Contact Us for more information. Please allow up to 60 days for response.